Welcome. My name is Bob Freeman and I’m pleased you are here. I would be happy to assist and can be easily reached at:  cell 858.349.3800 (text or voice) or e-mail


My schooling was in physics, math, and music. My primary interest in the past 12 years has been helping students get their homework done and preparing them to take tests. Although I originally helped students from La Mesa to Cardiff, I currently have reduced my coverage to the north coastal cities from Carmel Valley to Oceanside and inland to Rancho Santa Fe and Vista. I am available seven days a week although I prefer M-F.

Since 2004 I have tutored students in Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. I personally do all the sessions which run from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the need. I have tutored over 150 students from many schools including Francis Parker, San Dieguito Academy, Torrey Pines HS, La Costa Canyon HS, Cathedral HS, The Grauer School, Mission Estancia Elementary, Encinitas Day School, Pacific Ridge School, and Santa Fe Christian.

algebra-2 In addition to assisting students with their study habits, I provide each student with an approach to their studies which matches their “style”. Most of the students are smart so the solution to their improvement is in directing their energy towards self-motivated achievement.


For students who wish to “prep” for the SAT or ACT and other standardized testing, I provide valuable assistance, insight, explanations and problem solving techniques which have proved very successful.

I recommend that any student or parent contact me before any “real trouble” starts and arrange for a meeting to determine your needs. I look forward to talking with you. If you need assistance:

tree-magnified                                     I am here

cell : 858.349.3800   email:

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